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We all know that the Holiday Seasons are joyful, but also very alcoholic and full of delicious fatty foods, leaving us with brain fog, tiredness and few extra pounds which are result of not so healthy lifestyle.

Christmas and the New Year  can be an exciting time, brimming with the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings, but the fatal flaw with resolutions is that we typically bite off more than we can chew. What I mean is, we don’t always set realistic and tangible goals and we end up not achieving them.

Change doesn’t need to be drastic in order to be effective. Little tweaks and shifts in perspective can help you refocus onto something positive that will enhance your productivity naturally.

I might have an advice or two to help you improve and push you closer to achieving some of your desired goals.


When it comes to health, I always go back to food first. Nurturing your body with the right nutritious whole foods will affect not only how you look, but how you think, how you behave and feel; especially at your workplace because you spend more than 65% of your day in the office.

Begin with reducing the amount of carbs i.e. Bread, pasta, pastries and by increasing the amount of vegetables on your plate. Green vegetables are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Replace the fatty munchies with nuts and seeds. Choose to eat dark chocolate instead of cakes and any processed sugar. Processed sugar depletes your energy and creates mood swings.

Try to consume less red meat and more fish or go plant-based for a while to reap the full benefits. All of these foods contain Omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fibre, healthy fats, vitamin E, C, K and many more.


It’s common for many to eat in front of the screen, but distracted way of eating leads to over-eating. And why? Well, because you don’t pay attention to how much you are eating and at what pace. You don’t give time to your digestive system to properly digest the food and you are unaware of the body signalling you when it is enough. When you eat mindfully, it is easier to notice when you are full and you are more likely to enjoy your food. So turn off the screen, put the cell aside and smell and be thankful for the food. These are the first steps of digestion.


You can increase your productivity simply by drinking more water. That’s right! Water helps your blood transport oxygen and other nutrients to your cells, giving you an energy boost. When you are dehydrated you feel more tired. Also a lack of water shrinks your brain tissue, making it harder for the brain to work. Dehydration can also often be mistaken with feeling hungry even though you have just eaten.

The best way to keep you hydrated is to use the water cooler at work. Try to skip the bottled water. Bottled water it’s expensive, and the plastic is not so good for the environment. Buy yourself a glass bottle that you can leave in the office and fill it up with the water cooler at work.


Pick a physical activity that is easy, that you know you will like it, that wont take lot of time in your day and commit to it for 30 days. They’re many ways you can challenge yourself: from taking regular walks to practicing yoga or joining some fitness class or a team outdoors activity.

Today much of the workday is spent sitting at a computer screen, where neck, back, wrists and arm fatigue are major contributors to workplace stress and generally leaving feeling unhappy; therefore exercise combined with the right nutrition has the ability to both exhilarate and to relax and can assist to counter depression and to disintegrate stress.

These are just a few healthy tips that if you commit to them, you will be doing yourself a favour this Year.
I would strongly advise that you lower down your expectations, start small, step by step, be persistent and  patient and you will see results!

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