“When I first started this journey, now over six months ago, my main goals were:

  1. To better understand my body and the way my lifestyle had an effect on it
  2. To heal my digestive tract by forming healthier habits
  3. To challenge myself and commit to changing for the better

During our bi-weekly meetings, Vesna assigned me three achievable tasks to complete before our next meeting. I was constantly equipped with materials to help me understand the reasoning behind the changes I was making in my daily life. She guided me through exercises that helped me think more deeply about my relationship with food. I slowly learned to be more thoughtful about all the decisions I was making, not only at the grocery store, but also putting more time into food preparation, committing to regular exercise and meditation (or any quiet, reflective time) and thinking deeply about what I wanted to achieve in my personal and professional life. Because of this program I have spent so much more time thinking about what is important to me and what I want my life to look like. I make decisions more consciously and not just because they are easy or because they are habit. My kitchen is completely different. I spend a lot more time cooking, I buy all organic and always read labels, I make my own almond milk and I enjoy the process of it! My digestion is doing well and I have stopped taking some of my prescription medications. Instead, I make sure to take supplements and follow a carefully balanced diet. I would describe Vesna as caring, thoughtful, knowledgable. Highly recommended.” – Brooke Deragon, USA

“Six months ago, I’ve decided to start a journey of transformation with the Vesna’s Health Programme, as I was feeling with low energy and had lots of contradictory feelings. The programme has been really successful and up to now I am feeling better every day, full of motivation wanting to improve my energy to a higher level that I never reached before. I would say the following sentence “Health is Wealth” and without it you can’t function. Doing sports, eating nutritious food, whilst having joy in your life with other people is the point of living. Throughout the months being coached by Vesna, I have learned to cook new healthy recipes that were surprisingly tasty; to deal better with the my work pressure and keep going in life. We also included guided meditation on my sessions. I learned to pay attention to the beauty of life, to listen to my body and to connect with my soul.
At the beginning, we set up clear objectives and following up them at each session. I want to point one of them as I am really proud of it: “giving up eating bread” for lunch, dinner and even at late night. This objective was just one of biggest ones. To summarize, the best goal that I have achieved is loving me much more than before and putting myself first as priority of my life. About Vesna, I could say you will be guided by a professional who has put on her HEALTH COACH shoes. She loves her job and really believes and cares about you, so she will push you to accomplish your dreams. If you really want to be a better version of yourself just have the courage to be persistent. If you decide to go into the programme, then you will see priceless results. Highly recommended. Thanks Vesna”- Pedro, Spain

“My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were : Healthier Diet, Daily Routine, Less Toxins and giving up smoking. Vesna was able to help me work toward these goals by giving me knowledge about health, nutrition and holistic practices whilst addressing the emotional patterns. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been: Awareness about healthy eating, creating a daily healthy routine. I would describe my coach as: very intuitive, caring and flexible”. – Sanya, India

“Vesna is really helpful and an amazing listener. My first health coach session with her really helped me to focus on my personal goals. A couple of days after talking to her, I went to run as I used to do few months ago and I am now really aware of what I must do to achieve my goals. Thanks again for your time and your amazing human skills, this is priceless!”- Flora, France

“Vesna is like a spring that awakens sleeping mind and body. She listens and thinks what would be the best way for each individual! Compassionate, yet not a softy (=meaning that she will push you to make acknowledgments and take actions). Inspiring and lovely person that has discovered her wonderful ability to help others! “- Inga, Spain

“Such a wonderful energy Vesna has, with the truly glorious massage with vibrant reiki healing, I came out feeling refreshed and regenerated. Her knowledge on nutrition really opened my eyes to the energies in our lives play they’re part on our health as well as what we eat.This really is a wonderful way to help and heal your life and be good to yourself.”- Rachel, UK

“I attended a retreat that Vesna co-organized and it was amazing. She did a workshop on nutrition and it changed the way I look at what I eat! I’ll definitely be going to her in the future! Thank you, Vesna!”- Bree, Spain

“I have had the pleasure of receiving both Ayurvedic Massage and Reiki from Vesna as well as being coached by her in regards to my Health concerns. I can tell you that she is extremely professional and an absolute delight in all aspects. She is very knowledgeable with her nutrition information and will guide and support you to overcome all your Health obstacles. Her energy healing is amazing! This has been truly life-changing for me and I felt so light after receiving Reiki from her. If you are looking for peace, calm and balance then Vesna is your person as she is the epitome of BALANCE for me.”- Anushka
, UK

“I commenced a session of treatments with Vesna during late 2013 and that time was under a great deal of stress.
With an understanding of Holistic therapies, trained in Hypnosis and NLP, and with knowledge of Osteopathy and Homeopathy I had not in fact had any experience of Reiki.
Sessions I had with Vesna were truly liberating and at one time I was so relaxed actually went into deep state of sleep.
Treatments only ceased due my relocation but on any future trips back to Barcelona I will certainly be making a reservation with Vesna”

 –Ian, Spain

“I had Health Coaching, Reiki and Ayurvedic Massage Sessions with Vesna. I started with Reiki at a time where I was suffering extreme pain due to kidney stones. I had suffered from kidney stones 2 years before and found that the prescribed medications the doctors gave me did not help me with the pain, so I decided to seek alternative help this time. 
I had always been curious about Reiki and after the first session the pain eased, and after regular sessions they had gone and I was cured faster than the first time I had the stones. I haven’t stopped having reiki sessions since! I continued receiving Ayurvedic Massage treatments and Health Coaching with Vesna due to other issues and Vesna has truly helped me through some difficult times. My lower back pain has now long gone, I feel extremely balanced and I really believe Vesna’s amazing therapies have helped me achieve the positive energy I feel today. Visiting Vesna was one of the best things I did and I don’t plan to stop! Thank you! “
- Helena, Germany

“Feeling well relaxed and a lot better with my back pain after the amazing hands and energy of Vesna, ever so thankful for the Massage and Reiki sessions. 
Definitely a MUST Visit! “– Emma , Spain

“I first visited Vesna for Reiki healing following a heart procedure and being told by doctors to use medication for the rest of my life. Desperate to find an alternative and open to spiritual healing Vesna welcomed me and literally cured my anxiety and heart problems.  Somehow, she knew about my medical history and could knew what to do and say to make me feel better. Now, I am happy to be cured, spiritual and best of all to call Vesna a friend, as she is always happy to give me long distance Reiki which has even helped me get jobs! Thank you Vesna and I’d like to high recommend you to anyone who is in need of help, spiritual or just being curious”- Holly, UK

“Vesna has been so wonderful and very helpful for me the last few months. She helped me relaxing at times that I needed it and seeing the things with a clear mind.
After every Ayurvedic Massage followed by a Reiki Session I feel wonderful because she puts so much love in her treatments. She helped me a lot going trough the struggles in life we all face at one time. Reiki and Ayurveda discards the bad energy and will float the good energy in your body, mind and soul. Besides the Reiki sessions I can call her anytime and I feel like she is always with me. Vesna is a very special person to me with so much passion and love for her job which I admire a lot. I highly recommend her. Thank you.”

- Maria, Spain

“Thank you Vesna 🙂 In you I found a friend and an outstanding reiki healer. With each session I felt magically transformed into a stronger, more loving and confident self. You are amazingly talented and a master healer 🙂 especially your intuitive visions…they delight me and always are superb guidance. I love your heart and energy, your compassion and your passion for your beautiful healing work. Thank you for helping me on this beautiful journey of life and transformation. You are amazing!”– Priti, India

“Vesna is simply amazing! Apart from a happy, always bright and bubbly personality, her massages coupled with reiki treatments are not only refreshing and extremely helpful, but feel wonderful as well!
One thing that I must point out is that Vesna’s intuition as to where you hurt is on point. I wouldn’t have to say anything and she would massage all area’s of my body that were hurting, even in my hand!
Thank you Vesna for the help, my back and body appreciate it! And thanks for the healthy food tips! Will be back for another session!”

- Christopher, USA