Discover your taste for life with the support, encouragement and dedication of Vesna Gino.

I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, with a primary focus on digestive health and I live by my own advice to eat clean and love myself. It is my goal to enable you to find your unique way to feel fit, have healthy digestion, and feel confident and in control.

So many of us put our bodies under increasing pressure to perform busy and demanding lives and neglecting ourselves in the process. At Vesna Gino, your digestive health begins and ends with you. I took my health into my own hands when my life became so imbalanced that it became a problem. I started with the basics, I consciously drank more water, ate less meat, and had fun in the kitchen with fresh ingredients. It’s easier than you think to feed your body with good wholesome food. Not only are your feeding your body with more of the nutrients you need to feel better, in doing so, you’re also feeding it with love.

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Vesna established herself as a health coach in 2014 after qualifying as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with Integrative Nutrition. Meanwhile, Vesna had already started practicing meditation and is qualified as a holistic Massage and Reiki therapist and she is actively inspiring and changing the lives of others.

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